8 Tools that Every Successful eCommerce Business Should Use

1. Semrush

With Semrush you can create your own analytic reports and get insight into your competitors organic and paid search,  display advertising and link building. It’s a really handy tool to understand where you should put your marketing effort. You can also see your organic position without enter which keywords to rank for.

Organic Research

  • See competitors keywords
  • Discover new organic competitors
  • Observe and compare position changes

Advertising Research 

  • See your competitors ad budgets
  • Analyse ad copies and keywords

Display Advertising 

  • See top publishers and advertisers
  • Analyze competitors display ads


  • Perform a link analysis
  • See authority for referring domains
  • Check backlink types

Keyword Research 

  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Discover long-tail keywords

You try Semrush for free here

2. Google Analytic 

Google Analytic is basic tool that every cCommerce business company should use.  You can analyze your customers behavior, create dashboards with your KPI and create personalized reports for a deep analysis. You can use this tool to identify where your site are struggling or not are performing well.

Some things you can analyze:

  • Demographic –  Age, gender
  • Technology – Browser and OS
  • Behavior – New vs returning visitors and engagement
  • Mobile – Devices
  • Traffic – From where, for how long and which pages they visited
  • Adwords –  How your campaign are performing
  • Site content –  Site speed, Site Search

And the most important of all you can also see:

  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Product performance

To set up Google analytic is fairly simple but it’s a steep learning curve until you can use it on a deeper level. You can sign up for free courses at Google Analytic Academy or sign up at Udemy, they have a lot of great courses for anyone who wants to learn more about Google Analytic

 3. Crazy Egg

When Google Analytic is not enough Crazy egg is a great tool to conduct a analysis of your customer behavior. You can find out by seeing how users click and scroll through your website with their heap maps.

With their heap map tool you can

  • Show exactly where your users are clicking, or where they aren’t clicking
  • How many users scroll down your pages and where the stop

To be able see where your users click or stop to scroll will help you to make the right decisions to increase conversion rate or usability.

You can try Crazyegg for 30 days for free here

 4. MailChimp

Some online marketers will say that e-mail marketing is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. E- marketing is one of the most cost effective way to increase your sells.

Mailchimp is one of the leading platform for sending newsletter. They have a innovate drag and drop interface which make it simple to create stunning newsletter. You can also segment your list based on different criteria to send email based on different attributes. To personalize your offer is getting more and more important and with Mailchimp its easy to setup.

You can slo use the free tool Magemonkey to:

  • Support for Autoresponders emails (customer birthday, related products, product review, no customer activity)
  • Support for Abandoned Carts Recovery via Mandrill
  • Supports multiple interest groups
  • Segment your list

5. Topsy

Topsy allows you to search, analyze and draw insights from conversations and trends tweets from 2006 forward. You can find trending topic, photos, videos, influencers and use that to plan your content.

6. Fan Page Karma

With Fan Page Karma you can analyze your Facebook profiles and your competitors with KPIs, analyses and reports.

You can:

  • Analyze  your posts and discover the best topics.
  • See which time your fans is most active.
  • Create readymade reports to track your progress
  • Compare pages and discover trends on time
  • Measure page performances

7. Google Webmaster Tools 

Google Webmasters Tools will help you discover broken links, backlinks, search queries to your sight, crawls errors This tool alerts you about your SEO efforts and how effective they are.

This is a basic tool that every serious marketer should use.


To get most of your marketing efforts and understand where to improve some of this tools are crucial. They will help you to analyze customer behavior, drive traffic, discover content and see how effective your efforts really are. If you don’t understand where your customer are struggling, you will fail to improve and lose customers to your competitors.




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