Recharging For Charity

Concept Development

Breif: How can we attract the younger generation to donate more. Client: SOS Barnbyar (SOS Child villages)

Launch Project


Recharge for charity is a way to donate money in an effortless way and at the same time get something in return.

The world has become a mobile place, and to connect to the world, energy is required. Technology is evolving fast, and as a result, more power is required to solve increasingly complicated problems.

We will try to take advantage of peoples need to charge the batteries for their devices and request them to donate a small fee to charity to use the service.

 The purpose of this project is to find a new way to inspire and involve young people in charity. Our idea is to question the concept of charity and look at it from a different perspective. Can you exchange a need for a need? Does charity always have to be about donations, or could it actually be about paying for a service that usually is for free?

 When we did the research we realized that young people are more familiar with the concept of paying for a service than the concept of donating money without getting something that benefits them in return. Only the feeling of contributing to a better world is not enough, people are more likely to give away money if they can do it with the idea that they benefit from it. It´s buried deep down in our minds.

 My team worked with the design thinking process to make a prototype from users insight. While creating the solution we used different tools:

  • Opportunity identification empathic Research, divergent or convergent user involvement
  • Conceptualisation of ideas, organising user data, turning observation into user insights
  • Exploration & validation of experiences, turning user’s needs into experiences
  • Test and refine prototype


Bee Grandinetti:
Linn Livijn Wexell:
Daniel Kostic
Johan Mott
Jonathan Lönnqvist