SVT Öppet Arkiv

Concept Development, Online Marketing

Breif: To find a new audience for SVT Öppet arkiv  Client: Ö 



Since SVT is a public service company our mission is to be important and relevant for all citzens in Sweden. We have to and want to deliver anything for everyone.


• Help the audience to find more at the site

• Help new audience to find us

• Increase consumption of video material

We did an extensive 10 pages marketing report it will be hard to cover everything here, but some of our suggesting to SVT were:

  • How to improve SEO
  • SEO Long Tail Strategy Optimisation
  • How to Improve UX and help users find the content easier
  • Email marketing/Newsletter
  • Three offline campaigns
  • Mobile design
  • Strategy for Social media channels
  • Brand Positioning


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Daniel Kostic

Maria Duner

Ebba Guhnby

Peter Kylin

Denis Porobic