Content marketing strategy, eCommerce Strategy

Breif: To create a content marketing strategy inline with visionĀ Client: (

We worked with the for 5 weeks to create an strategy for their content marketing.

We started with a research an analysis in customer behavior both within eCommerce and furniture business which included:

  • Situational analysis
  • Brand & positioning analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target / Customer analysis
  • Budget and Resource-study
  • Goals & Objectives

One of the main key finding we found were that it was a lot of people involved in the buying process, thus the content strategy should also focus on the influencer such as the spouse and children to be successful.


We created:

  • Core communication goals
  • Tone of brand
  • Content vision

We also created three personas based on:

  • Age, sex and demographic
  • Personal profile
  • User content need
  • Income, children, education, employment level,
  • Chanels
  • Need to influence

We got really good feedback from the client and were offer to continue to work with them in a different project.


Daniel Kostic

Niclas Hornewall

Jessica Roos

Maria Duner

Martina Andersson

Jesper Aubin